Convenient solutions to inconvenient situations.

We ensure security, reliability and discretion.

Our team is well prepared to take on and solve the most demanding problems and complex tasks related to fraud management.

We identify fraud risks, design and implement smart and customized fraud management solutions and transfer know-how to our customers.

Our smart fraud management solutions are designed to equip our clients with efficient, effective and state of the art key internal control systems that work to minimise further exposure to fraud risks, reduce costs, and allow them to focus exclusively on developing their core business, one built on healthy, risk-free foundations.

Target clients

Our smart fraud management solutions are intended primarily for corporate clients with demanding corporate governance and internal control systems, as well as for clients operating on regulated markets such as insurance and banking.

We also offer expert fraud management services to clients who have fallen victim to fraud or suspect cases of ongoing fraud.

Our Transparency Solutions include:

  1. Anti-Fraud Unit
  2. Whistleblower Line
  3. Forensic Data Analysis
  4. Fraud Risk Assessment
  5. Training Programmes
  6. Forensic Reviews
  7. Forensic Investigations
  8. Conflict of Interest Management
  9. Fit and Proper Screenings
  10. Compliance and Forensic Due Diligence