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Who is it for

We truly believe that every organization should have a secure and reliable whistleblowing line.

Such reporting lines are crucial not only for the protection of whistleblowers, but also for the protection of organizations' interests. By promoting the speak-up culture and solving problems internally organizations substantially decrease the costs of any reported irregularities and avoid negative publicity.

The new EU Whistleblowing Directive Whitepaper

Employees must be able to report breaches internally, otherwise they may go public with the the information.

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Free or Premium?

As we stand by our beliefs, we offer a simple and secure version of our whistleblowing app FOR FREE with the following features:

  • compliance with the EU Whistleblowing Directive and GDPR
  • secure reporting channel with anonymous dialogue box function
  • multi-level whistleblower’s identity protection, no IP address and time stamp logging
  • hosted in high-security ISO 27001 data centers in EU & Switzerland
  • two-factor-authentication account protection
  • regular penetration tests for security risks
  • advanced encryption techniques and state of the art Firewall and IP Restriction
  • standard language pack (EN, DE, FR,  ES, IT, NL)
  • sophisiticated case management with two user accounts
  • email notifications & conflict of interests management
  • easy to access and use on desktops, mobiles, pads and other smart devices

To more demanding users with complex org charts and multinational presence we offer the PREMIUM version with additional features:

  • unlimited languages and user accounts
  • multi-organizational accounts
  • granular authorization concept on the need-to-know principle
  • embedded behavioural economics with honesty API by PolicyStore
  • customized branding
  • fully customizable front-end and case management workflows
  • real-time statistics and dashboards for easier overview & reporting
  • embedded machine translations by DeepL

Deployment and costs

THE FREE VERSION is, of course, for free. No hidden costs in small print. All you need to do is send us a request below or contact us via email. We will send you your subscription contract and open your free account.

THE PREMIUM VERSION is deployed within ONE WORKING DAY after your subscription. Please send us your request for the offer below and we will get in touch with you.

Still not convinced?

Request the free demo access and test it yourself!

We have helped numerous organizations in public and private sector, NGOs and NPOs. We are happy to share the reference contacts with you.

Our worlwide presence

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