Forensic Investigations

Forensic Investigations

The goal of Forensic Investigations is to:

  • understand whether suspected fraud actually occurred and how it occurred
  • gather substantiating evidence through factual background investigations, data analysis and fieldwork
  • identify responsible persons
  • identify losses the client may have suffered

and as a result enable our clients to make informed decisions in response to fraud allegations.

Forensic examination and investigation provides the essentials for resolving fraud allegations from inception to deposition. With our Forensic Investigation services we provide our clients accurate information on whether suspected fraud actually occurred and how it occurred, and identify responsible persons and the losses the client may have suffered. Equipped with this information our clients are able to make informed decisions related to fraud allegations.


Our investigations are conducted diligently and impartially, allowing us to establish and provide our clients with an objective picture, substantiated with appropriate evidence. In the process of conducting investigations we rely on our extensive experience and adhere to ACFE standards and best practices; by the same token, however, the restrictions normally associated with an audit or tax procedure do not apply to our work.


Our team consisting of certified fraud examiners (CFE), certified financial crime specialists (CFCS), forensic accountants, lawyers and other experts (such as IT forensics, polygraphists, graphologists and private detectives) has extensive experience in identifying and investigating various kinds of fraud, including corruption and bribery, accounting irregularities, money laundering, asset misappropriation, theft of company information, and violations of internal and external policy related to conflict of interest and similar.