Fit and Proper Screenings


In our background checks, we go beyond criminal records and grounds for termination of previous employment contracts.


fit and proper screenings image 01

With our thorough screenings we help our clients identify key persons who may represent a fraud risk to the organization, either before or during their engagement in the client’s organization.
When assessing the integrity of key persons we also assess, among other considerations:

  • business conduct, including any criminal, financial or supervisory aspects regardless of context or location
  • along with court decisions and ongoing judicial proceedings, also current investigations or enforcement actions, the imposition of administrative sanctions for non-compliance with legislation and other regulations
  • potential conflict of interest, including persons related to the key person under assessment
  • validity of information provided to us via interviews with the key persons under assessment together with documentation
  • information on the key persons assessed provided by Open Source Intelligence sources (press, media, social networks, Facebook, Twitter etc.).