Compliance and Forensic Due Diligence

Compliance and diligence

Relying solely on sanctions and press search organisations misses 84% of potential integrity risks.

According to KPMG’s research of 2013 nearly 9 out of 10 integrity due diligence reports identified risks that warranted review.

  • Due to a target’s ongoing or past corrupt or otherwise fraudulent conduct an organization may suffer additional negative business-related consequences in addition to civil and criminal liability, such as:
  • distracting and costly lawsuits against the target or its key management
  • loss of key employees as a result of their past improper behaviour
  • financial cost of overpaying for the target due to non-sustainability of its business conduct on which its future revenue stream depends
  • loss of contracts obtained or maintained through improper payments
  • need to terminate key agents, consultants or other third parties not meeting the organization’s standards
  • damage to reputation

With Compliance and Forensic Due Diligence we provide our clients with crucial information on planned transactions.

We help our clients undertaking M&A transactions or entering into agreements with key suppliers to identify and appropriately respond to relevant compliance and fraud risks in such transactions.
Our services include, among others:

  • drafting of a customized due diligence checklist
  • background checks on a target, its management and other key personnel
  • verification and analysis of recovered data in complex and extensive data sets using Forensic Data Analysis
  • reviews and tests of internal compliance policies and procedures
  • reviews of contracts with agents, consultants and other intermediaries, government business and contacts
  • key contractual partner due diligence
  • consulting on contractual protection