Anti-Fraud Unit

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At ABC Transparency we have developed a simple three-step solution for the detection of high-risk claims in all lines of insurance business. We rely on our certified fraud examiners and a veridied fraud

prevention software to efficiently and effectively discover fraudulent claims and prevent their payments.

3 steps StopWatch - Oustourced Claims

Only 3 steps are needed to prevent fraud, reduce loss ratio and honour honest customers:

(a) - allow secure and protected access to data
Predefined types of data are collected and securely delivered to a designated server.

(b) - detect high risk claims with predictive analytics
Data are processed with verified fraud prevention software using adaptive key fraud indicators. Results are manually checked by certified
fraud examiners, who complete initial analysis reports, which are then delivered to the insurer.

(c) - confirm high risk assessments
Reports are reviewed by the insurer, who confirms or dismisses the initial risk assessments of the processed
claims. Our fee is charged only on confirmed high risk assessments.

And the result - up to 5 percentage point lower loss ratio

finish line
With our claims fraud detection services we significantly reduce our customers' costs of fraud and improve their
loss ratios for up to 5 percentage point.

Please ckeck our case studies below.


Extensive communication campaign was set up to raise awareness of insurance fraud, with two distinct components: one for company employees and another for an external audience. Externally the aim of the campaign was to reinforce the message that insurance fraud is a criminal offence. In order not to convey a sense of fear but keep the message personal and informative, a viral campaign with the celebrated Croatian singer Severinawas we put together.

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Internally an Anti-Fraud Unit was set up and their programmes were published in an internal newsletter, a special dedicated webpage was set up, and several training sessions were held.

Setting up of the Unit was accompanied by comprehensive communication support designed to significantly raise awareness of insurance fraud among both external and internal audiences.