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“The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.”

Kurt Cobain

Are you ready for the ISO 37001 certification?

Our GAP ANALYSIS WORKSHOP allows you to benchmark your anti-corruption management system against the requirements of the ISO 37001 standard. During our one-day interactive workshop we introduce you to the ISO 37001 standard and together we perform the gap analysis by using the ETHIC Intelligence GAP analysis tool. The results are visualized and entered into the report which is delivered to the organization.

We can meet your specific needs and tailor the workshop for a single company, a group of companies, a subsidiary or a Joint-Venture/Consortium.

Benefits for the organization:

  • helps you draft your own roadmap for improving the anti-corruption management system;
  • satisfies legal requirements in relation to anti-corruption training, risk assessment, adequate procedures;
  • fosters collective brainstorming and dialogue on key corruption issues;
  • promotes the anti-corruption compliance program in the organization.

Beyond Benchmarking: The Iso 37001 Certification

The ISO 37001:2016 standard reflects international best practices on anti-corruption.

  • published in October 2016
  • certification provides a proof of compliance against the recognized standard
  • allows organizations to credibly demonstrate their commitment to do business with integrity to all their stakeholders
  • assures that the organization has implemented an anti-corruption compliance program that is up to date and adapted to risks

The certification by ETHIC Intelligence:

  • a recognized international expert in the domain with more than 10 years of experience in anti-bribery
  • the first agency to develop an anti-corruption compliance certification process based on international guidelines
  • played a significant role in the design of both the ISO 19600 and ISO 37001 standards through active participation in the drafting committees of both standards
  • certifying international companies across the globe
  • accredited auditors specifically trained and experienced in corporate anti-corruption compliance

The Certification Process

Confirming eligibility for the ISO 37001 certification

Step 1
Planning and delivery of the relevant documents for review

Step 2
On-site auditing by ABC Transparency and awarding of the ISO 37001 certification for a period of three years by ETHIC Intelligence

Step 3
Conducting surveillance throughout the duration of the certificate’s validity


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